Commissioned Project Portfolio - Terry Hancock

Terry Hancock

I have begun taking small commercial commissioned projects this year (2014). This page is here to give you an idea of what I can do!

I'm willing to try just about any project that is within the scope of my past experiences and education, but primarily, I focus on the following kinds of work at the moment:

If you have a project you think I might be able to help you with, please let me know, and I'll give you a proposal and a quote.

Recent Design Projects

"Dragonfly" 21st Century Plasma Impeller Spacecraft

This was a concept I came up with after hearing a talk at a past ISDC for a space drive based on entraining and propelling the existing interplanetary plasma to create thrust without the need to carry fuel. This, combined with rail guns, heat sinks, and other standby technologies formed the basis of the "Dragonfly" fighter -- imagined to be used in the service of a Martian defense force.

I produced the drawing below for Blender 3D modeler Chris Kuhn:


Here's a couple of views of his resulting model, which he sells on Turbo Squid:

Dragonfly Render 1 Dragonfly Render 2

"Integrated Miner-Refiner"

This was a concept I had years ago for a mining platform that would collect cometary ices and process them on-the-spot for shipment to space colonies that needed the materials.

Again, here is my plan drawing:

Miner/Refiner Plans

And here is what Chris Kuhn was able to make from it:

Miner/Refiner Render 1 Miner/Refiner Render 2

Commission for "Bug Hunt"

I did creature design recently for a low-budget sci-fi/horror film called "Bug Hunt", created by Brian Szepatowski of Circuitry Films. I'm not able to share the actual design until after the film comes out, but he was very happy with it.

Past Designs

These were not commissioned, but are some creature designs I did for my own science-fiction ideas many years ago:

Tlalaani Bead Scribe at Work

Spartan Homeworld

Modeling and Graphics

Lunatics! Logo Art

These are some logo art projects I did for the fictional companies in Lunatics!:


Two more logo designs:

Luntics RS101

Anansi Spaceworks Logo Bumper

I also created a simple 3D-animated logo bumper for our company, Anansi Spaceworks:

Blender Dmedia Presentation

This is a presentation video I created to explain the idea behind a proposed software project integrating the Dmedia file-hashing system into Blender. We decided not to pursue this project, but here's the presentation animation:

DVD Mastering

We participated in a community theater production of the musical "Titanic" in the Summer of 2014. Using video and image resources available from the production, we made a souvenir DVD for the cast and crew. I have also mastered DVDs for the Lunatics! project and for personal use in the past. I find this a fun art form.

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